Friday, May 1, 2009

April Favorites

Gahhh I've been sick all week and couldn't do anything... seriously :( boo!!!
but I'm feeling better and I did a look today which came out amazing!!! [imo of course :p] But before I go onto the FOTD, Let's celebrate May 1st by talking about the past month's favorites:

1. MAC Old Gold Pigment [I have this in a sample... and am seriously considering getting the full jar. It's jut gorgeous!!! I layered it on top of blackground painpot, and the pigment came out a beautiful forest green!!! *love*]

2. MAC Naked Space Lipglass [Got them like 3 weeks ago at a CCO, didn't love it so didn't wear it much. Just started wearing it like a week ago, and I love it! It's the most creamiest, pigmented lipglass I've ever tried. It's a beautiful nude caramel color that just makes your lips look caramelicious lol xP also if you have flakey dry lips like me that is seriously high maintence, don't worry. These lipglass not only helps your dry lips, it conceals it. no kidding. when I apply this on, I look like I have beautiful soft lips. Weird... I wonder if it's just me? lol]

3. MAC seedling e/s [I've been wanting this shadow ever since I saw chefcaffy's video on her top 10 e/s... and I finally got my hands on it. It's a beautiful nude taupy color that is just 1-2 shades darker than my skintone. I wore it today, all over the lid, and it just made my eyes look more deep set than if I wore nothing. really liking it. I also think it'd be great as a crease contour color. A dupe for this is coquette I believe]

4. Revlon Colorstay foundation Golden Beige [I'm NC25-30, and had troubling finding my right match. well what do we know, Golden Beige is just perfect for me atm... but If I do get tanned over the summer, I doubt I'll fit that shade :( But I seriously am loving Revlon's foundation. It gives good coverage, lasts long, and is transfer resistant. I've been blowing my nose the whole week and the foundation didn't even budge!! O.O LoOoOve it!]

5. MAC Snob L/s [Beautiful color, very pigmented, great staying power, not overly drying... what more can I say? It's the prettier sister of Saint Germain imho. Has a bit of lilac and pink. Not too bright, which is why I like it better than Saint Germain. It's also beautiful over foolishly fab plushglass. YuMmM!]

6. UDPP [I hated this thing when I first got it because it didn't work. I still creased and thought UDPP wasn't right for me...... But what do we know. I've been using it all wrong for like 1-2 months! grrr. I didn't leave it time to dry before I applied my shadows. DoY! o.O So now I apply it and go onto my eyebrows and my cheeks before I apply my shadows. :) and my shadows last forever! and I'm loving it. However I still hate the packaging. Not at all practical.]

7. Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner [Amazing eyeliner. I have it in black and black brown. Black is intense and is true black. Amazing pigmentation. applies smooth and just great! I got them for BOGOF during the sale at CVS and very worth it. It's replaced all my other liners. For some reason, I've always felt bad spening over $10 on a eyeliner... ??? is it just me? yea, I'm cheap xP]

What are your favorites atm? :D

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